Improv for Business


Who says team building can't be fun? 

While many people might think of improvisation as unscripted comedy, it can apply to any form of spontaneous theater -- and practitioners say that using "improv" to teach business skills is no joke.

Improvisation isn't about comedy, it's about reacting -- being focused and present at the moment at a very high level.

Improv can teach people to react and adapt, creativity, innovation, communication, teamwork, and leadership.

To learn more about why Improv is so great for business, read this article 

Ally is a trained improviser from Second City Chicago and Humber College. She has taught improvisation for many business groups looking to effectively listen, communicate and have fun! 

"I have had the privilege of working with Alley as a fellow instructor over the last twelve years. As a director and course designer of improvisation, she is creatively talented, motivated, dedicated, quick-witted and very inspirational. Her skills at bringing out the best in people, raising up their trust and hopes to see beyond the limits they surround themselves with,  is truly inspiring. 

I highly recommend Ally for any and all corporations wishing to bring their team of employees to a higher level of success  through increased confidence and enhanced communications skills."

Ania Danylo
Prelude Artists

Contact Ally today and let's laugh together and your next team-building event. 

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