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Growing up Ally experienced a great deal of trauma. She often jokes:

“Every time I turned on Oprah they were talking about my family”.

Through all the pain, Ally turned to her sense of humor and creative side

to get through. In 2008, her life had finally slowed down and she was happy

living as an independent single entrepreneur….then, a cancer diagnosis.

Ally asked herself the question “Why me?” and at that moment she asked

again, “Why not me?”. She turned the camera on herself and documented

her entire journey in a humorous and moving docu-series (while trying to find a

date with a hot doctor). She called herself “The Chem-Ho”. Ally attributes her

survival to her sense of humor and seizing the obstacle as an opportunity.

She wants to share her inspiring story with you. Allison reveals how some of

life's biggest obstacles can become our biggest gifts. Whether these obstacles

relate to work, health, personal life or in-laws, her presentation will inspire

and motivate you to keep living and never give up! 

Ally can speak on a wide variety of topics from storytelling, to business coaching, entrepreneurship,  to health and wellness and beyond. Additional talkback sessions workshops, handouts, and resources are available upon request. 

All keynotes are customized to the client as each speech is completely different. Ally will work directly with you to identify your key messages and goals and write a speech completely customized to your requirements. Ally has worked with a wide variety of clients from sales teams, to women's groups to construction and everything in between. Her message is universal and resonates with a wide variety of organizations. As always, her speeches are very entertaining, engaging and funny!


Are you ready to laugh while experiencing an inspirational story? Contact Ally today!

"Allison Lane's presentation takes you on a roller coaster ride of laughter and heart-wrenching tears. She is an outstanding speaker and actress. Worth seeing... more than once"

Sherry WEST Enterprises
Ally speaking at the Calgary Stampede.

Speaking Engagements

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