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Actor and Comedian 

Ally is a very accomplished actor and comedian.

She discovered acting in the third grade upon the encouragement of her teacher to get over her debilitating shyness. It worked, boy did it work. In the fourth grade, she began acting classes at Actors Showcase in Winnipeg (now Manitoba Theatre for Young People) and never looked back. In Junior High, she continued her studies at Citadel Theatre in Edmonton and by High School, she was a member of Prairie Theatre Exchange's Young Company.

Throughout her formative years, she was writing and producing plays for her school and theatrical institutions. After high school, she was accepted into the Honours Theatre program at the University of Winnipeg with a major in acting.

After graduation, she moved to Calgary Alberta to produce and star in her play, "Kenny, haven't they Killed you yet". Thus began the creation of the company, Out Of Our Heads Theatre Company which she wrote and acted in several productions including three one-woman shows, and was honoured to participate as a writer in High-Performance Rodeo's, Ten Minute Play Festival. 

As her theatre company morphed into a full-scale event entertainment company, now in its 23rd year in business (yikes she looks young) Ally joined forces with Terry Shane Murder Mysteries (now Smoking Gun Entertainment) to form Smooth Move Productions, an interactive dinner theatre. The company produced year-round shows ranging from an 80s prom to an outdoor white trash wedding.

In 2009 Ally joined the cast of The Boob Tour, travelling across the nation, entertaining audiences in a comedy show benefiting local cancer charities. 

Ally continues to act, write, direct and produce. Her latest project is a digital comedy series , "Joyology" a parody of the self-help industry.  

Ally loves to be part of a team. Don't hesitate to contact her to join your project. She brings her passion, enthusiasm, and integrity to each and every creative entity.

"Allison's positive energy can light up a crowd and make them believe anything is possible. Through her comedy and characterizations, she is able to generate an amazing experience where people leave feeling elated through continuous laughter and heartfelt truth throughout her performances."

 Janet St. Germain, Smoking Gun Entertainment


Click here to view her digital acting resume 


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