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Emcee & Host

Ally is a professional host with over 1000 events and to her name. With a background in event planning and running a Canada wide event company for the past 23 years, Ally has the skills, resources, and energy to make your event a success! 

NEW! Book Ally to host your virtual event! Ally has been very busy in 2020/21 facilitating, creating and hosting virtual events from corporate team building activities, to birthday parties, family zoom christmas parties and beyond. Check out Out Of Our Heads Productions to receive a full scope on services she offers. 

"Allison has been the emcee and host of the Live'r Up Talent Show in 2008 and 2010, which was a Gala Event in support of the Canadian Liver Foundation (we did not run the event in 2009 or she would have emceed that year as well!). She coordinated all talent and events for the fundraiser, which had a Variety Show theme, and of course emceed and hosted the event. She is such an amazing comedienne, professional and efficient at the event coordination and even though our talent was top notch, I got just as much positive feedback on her hosting as I did on the entertainment she arranged. She did an amazing job keeping things moving, on time, and with her hilarious flair. Also, we had one hiccup of one of the entertainers not showing up, and she had this issue resolved and handled in no time, so the show went on without a hiccup, and better than ever! Thanks Ally! You are the best and a definate rehire!"

-Carrie P., Accredentials Inc. 

"Once again you were a super star, your delivery is fantastic and you just pull in the crowd to take an interest. Thank you so much for your time and energy! I think it's crucial to the atmosphere of the event that you are there… it definitely made a difference."
- Martin, SufferFest

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