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Ally Lane is a speaker, author, event host, voiceover artist,and entertainer.


Ally Lane is an entrepreneur running a Canada wide event business for the past 23 years. 

She is the best selling author of two books as well as a wellness coach.

Besides business, she is an actress and comedian and her latest award-winning comedy series that she wrote is now available on Amazon Prime and to purchase on Amazon Canada. 

She has appeared on every national network, including  OWN, Women's Network and countless radio and magazine features including a cover story in Leap Magazine and appeared as herself in a Canadian Screen Award-winning documentary. She dedicates her life to helping others overcome adversity and inspiring them to always see the positive side through laughter, joy, and love. 

If your organization is seeking to be inspired by Ally's story of POSSIBILITY,
Book Ally today!!! 

"Ally herself is a riot. Allison is brilliant and beautiful, inside and out. Her story is phenomenal and inspirational, to say the least. She is an amazing example of maintaining a positive mental attitude amidst the wicked storms of life. It is a beautiful reminder of what little we have to complain about and how simple and refreshing it is to look on the bright side of our own lives and how lightening up challenges, with humour, gives a beautiful and light-hearted perspective. The show had me involved at an emotional level and crying and laughing in the same breath."-

Sarah Parkinson, Canada Forces

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