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"Allison's positive energy can light up a crowd and make them believe anything is possible. Through her comedy and characterizations, she is able to generate an amazing experience where people leave feeling elated through continuous laughter and heartfelt truth throughout her performances."

 Janet St. Germain, Smoking Gun Entertainment

"Thank you Ally! 

You were wonderful, everyone had great things to say!"

- Neesa, Lasting Moment Events 

"Thank you Ally,

We loved having you with us.

You did an excellent job and I look forward to working with you again in the future."

- Joanne C3 Church 

"We saw Ally in the award-winning documentary, 'About Her' and HAD to hire her to be my own keynote speaker at our annual conference. She did not disappoint. She delivered her speech with honesty, humor, and integrity. She had the entire crowd mesmerized and they left feeling not only inspired but entertained. Thank you Ally for sharing your story and letting us look at how great life can be!"

-Kelly Richards 

"Allison Lane's presentation takes you on a roller coaster ride of laughter and heart-wrenching tears. She is an outstanding speaker and actress. Worth seeing... more than once"

Sherry WEST Enterprises

"Once again you were a super star, your delivery is fantastic and you just pull in the crowd to take an interest. Thank you so much for your time and energy! I think it's crucial to the atmosphere of the event that you are there, it definitely made a difference."
- Martin, SufferFest

"A very entertaining, delightfully heartwarming show. Allison's honesty is brave and inspiring. This show is for anyone needing a reminder that with every obstacle comes the opportunity for growth and it's best done with a sense of humor."
- Marnie Parsons-Richards, CanWest Shows

"With her energetic and lovable personality, she has been dubbed by CBC as "a female Jim Carrey."
- The Meliorist Weekly

" Both touching and very funny. Lane' s jokes had the audience in tears."
- VUE Weekly

" A riot from start to finish."
- FFWD magazine

"Allison is a hilarious, strong, ambitious and very real woman. Her show echoes all these qualities and takes you on a raw experience through part of her life. The show is real, heart-wrenching, moving and inspiring. Thank you Ally for always seeing the humorous and positive side of life."
- Lisbeth Maidment, Choreographer

"The first time I met Allison Lane, owner of Out of Our Heads, I thought she was one of the funniest, most outgoing gals I have ever met. She is one of those gals that you never, ever forget. She has one of those dynamic big personalities that are expressed through both an incredible sense of humor and big light hazel expressive eyes. What a gal! If you are looking for spectacular entertainment for your event, I suggest handing the reins over to her. Brainstorming with her will take you to places you never thought existed. One year later when I run into people who attended Live'r Up, they still talk about the show. All I can do is say, 'Thank you, the show was all Allison' ".
- Carrie Paxson Accredentials Inc.

"She is a female Jim Carrey. You'll love Lane's very funny stories."

"Engaging Performer. Infectious energy"
- SEE Weekly

"My name is Tracey MacDonald and I have been making a great living as a comedian for over ten years. First of all she is already a talented actress but also a natural stand up comedian. She has killer delivery and has helped me out whenever I am looking for new ideas for jokes. Allison Lane is someone I admire and look up to.

We have done three comedy tours together and she has been out to Los Angeles many times to help me with projects I am working on.  

She is always professional, optimistic, inspired me to get back in shape and for the first time ever I have changed how I look at myself and also my act to a confident woman with a new outlook on my body image. She runs her own business, owns a beautiful place, inspires women all over the world. I would recommend Allison Lane to anyone looking for the perfect performer for a Corporate Event, or Motivational Speech. She is the real deal. There is no other way to say it Allison Lane is a Star."
- Tracey MacDonald

"Ally herself is a riot. Allison is brilliant and beautiful, inside and out. Her story is phenomenal and inspirational to say the least. She is an amazing example of maintaining a positive mental attitude amidst the wicked storms of life. It is a beautiful reminder of what little we have to complain about and how simple and refreshing it is to look on the bright side of our own lives and how lightening up challenges, with humour, gives a beautiful and light hearted perspective. The show had me involved at an emotional level and  crying and laughing in the same breath."
-Sarah Parkinson, Canada Forces

"Ally is a great trainer! I Love her workouts as she makes them fun and entertaining. She knows exactly what to do to get in you in the best shape ever. I haven't felt this good in years! I always look forward to our training sessions. I highly recommend Ally!"

Anne H, Accountant

"She helped to motivate me to start on a road to better health and clearer mind. Since starting with her, I have lost over 20 pounds and continue to shape the new person that she helped to mold" 

Darlene B.

"I've had many coaches in the past and NO ONE is as good as Ally! She listens and is fun! Ally is truly the best :)"

Clare H.

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